Blog will No Longer be Updated

Hey guys it has been months since I last posted and I just wanted to say O will no longed be updating this blog. I have started a new blog about my life as a whole among other things.


Day 6: “Grilled” Chicken Sandwich

Today there was a grilled chicken sandwich, mashed potatoes, and apple juice. Sorry no pictures, forgot to take my phone to school.

There won’t be another post until Tuesday because there isn’t any school Monday.

Day 5: Chicken Sandwich AGAIN



Today I had another chicken sandwich (whys up with that, can’t try serve something other than sandwiches?) and carrots. Old carrots that have white spots on them. I way my carrots moist. Those were inedible.

Day 4: Spicy Chicken Sandwich


Today I had a spicy chicken sandwich (yes I know another sandwich!), tater tots (again!), a small bag of orange juice, and a chocolate chip cookie.
The other option for the vegetable was 4 old carrots with low fat ranch. My other fruit option was canned pears.

Day 3: Leftovers

So today was the leftover day in my cafeteria. It was fried chicken sandwich or a cheeseburger. Since I already have pictures of the other two items on here I didn’t bother taking a picture. As always, the sandwiches were hard to choke down. The vegetable options were a small side salad or tater tots. The fruit was oranges that weren’t quote ripe yet and the dessert was red jello, probably supposed to be strawberry or cherry.
I didn’t post Monday because there was no school for Labor Day.

Day 2: home style potatoes and green salad



Today, the cafeteria was serving cheeseburgers and fried chicken sandwiches again.
I opted for the cheeseburger but threw it away before I could take a picture. It was just inedible.
Instead of tater tots today, the had home-style fries as one of the vegetables. They were a bit soggy and could have used more salt.
The other veggie choice was a small portion of salad with a single cherry tomato and a meager amount of carrot shreds. The tomato is flavorless and a little mealy. The lettuce isn’t fresh but tastes fairly decent.

Day 1: Fried Chicken Sandwhich



Todays lunch: Fried chicken sandwich on a wheat bun, a 6 oz bag of juice as my fruit, tater tots (not pictured) as my vegetable, and a small amount of pudding.

The chicken is tough and rubbery and not real at all.

The juice does not make up for having real, fresh fruit.

The tater tots are completely processed so why are they considered a vegetable?

The pudding had this odd taste and after flavor to it.

Overall, this lunch stunk.